Lab Equipment Wanted

We offer a Laboratory Instuments Wanted page for posting details on the instruments that you may need for an upcoming project.

 With this list you can advertise the specific laboratory instuments that you need for free and it will be shared with our network.

Equipment Description
A Biacore, HPLC or UPLC, Protein Simple WES or something similar for ceSDS westerns, and LC-MS
Anton Paar DMA 5000, DMA 4500M, or DMA 5000M
Fragment analyzers, like: LabChip or similar. Also tube printer from 4titude.
Thermo Mass Spec
Tissue processors, embedding stations, microtomes, and autostainers
Agilent HPLCs
Gerstel thermal desorption, Agilent GC and Agilent GC-MS
Calorimeter, small 144 crusher, and some large hot-plates. We may also need geisler units, and arnu units.
Dissolution System
Viscometers, sturdy lab mixers and balances
Ion-exchange chromatography, GC-MS, ICP, lab oven (~100 °C), Gum bath for ASTM D381
HPLC UV or MS, preferably Shimadzu also autoclave 53L or bigger. Shimadzu UHPLC-Triple Quads
ICP, pH meter, kf water titration, calorimeternal, and GC
HPLC, corks for 500ml and 2L flasks, and some sort of 55 gallon drum agitation system like a lazy susan.
Agilent 1100 system with Quaternary pump and DAD, ELSD detector. Prefers Sedex from Sedere.
DAD module for an 1200 series Agilent HPLC and a Proxen/Thermo NanoLC, better if the last UPLC version
HPLC, GC, moisture content
Agilent ICP MS (7700 or 7900), Mantech Titrasip unit, Hiac Royco 9703+ units with either an MC05 or MC100 sensor
DNA Sequencers, Organic chemistry glass ware
Used SEM with EDS, Agilent 1200 series system with autosampler, degasser, isocratic pump and RI detector.
Calibration weights for balances, IKA lab mixers
Minus 80 freezer
Agilent 1100 or 1200 or a Dionex Ultimate 3000
Agilent Technologies auto injectors
Agilent 6890 5973
OI Analytical Eclipse 4660 Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator
GC and particle size analyzer
Oxford AS-600 MHz magnet & Varian BB Direct Detection 5mm Probe with Gradients
Bruker Avance 400 with a prodigy 2 channel 4 nuclei cryoprobe
Corrosion bath for LPG cylinders
Stability chambers - need to go between 15-50C and have humidity control from 20-75% RH
Self contained fume hood
need equipment for cell culture room and basic molecular biology lab and mouse rooms in boston.
Q-Exactive HF or PLUS t
MALS HPLC detector
Refurbished ICP-OES instrument
Agilent HPLCs
Shimadzu Nexera systems or Waters UPC2 systems
AB Sciex 6500 triple quadrupole LC-MS and Shimadzu 20 series LC systems
LCMS system for various small molecule analyses
Agilent 6890 5793 GC-MS System