Our Services

Arc Scientific offers a wide-range of laboratory instuments services.

Arc Scientific makes buying and selling your used laboratory equipment simple and easy. Our team facilitates the entire sales process, allowing you and your employees to focus on your day-to-day business. We ensure that the instrument you are sourcing is a good fit for your project while getting the best return for your surplus instruments.

Our goal is to secure a buyer for your lab equipment that is willing to pay a fair price that meets our expectations. We attract end-user buyers by promoting your lab equipment through various sales channels including Arc Scientific’s marketplace, tradeshows, and email marketing campaigns. Our growing network with thousands of laboratories makes Arc Scientific is an excellent resource to increase the visibility of your used lab equipment!

Maximizing Your Return on Used Lab Equipment

Laboratory equipment can be the most valuable asset that a company owns. We understand how important it is to maximize your return when it comes time to selling your used lab equipment. Arc Scientific LLC can help you understand the best sales approach and realistic expected selling price. Our goal is to sell your instruments for as much as possible.

Customer Support from Arc Scientific’s Sales Team

Arc Scientific’s experienced sales team is here to support and help advise you throughout the lab equipment sales process. We are completely aligned in making sure the outcome is positive for your company, while setting fair expectations along the way. We pride ourselves on quick response times to ensure customers are getting the information they need as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope that your experience with us is a memorable one.


Please give us a call today at 857-237-5813 or email us at sales@arcscientific.com and we can start working on your next project!