MagNA Pure 96 System

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MagNA Pure 96 System

The MagNA Pure 96 System purifies DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials using magnetic glass particle technology.
Preprogrammed software protocols are tailored to a diversity of sample requirements. Resulting nucleic acids are suitable for a broad range of downstream applications.
The MagNA Pure 96 System effortlessly processes up to 96 samples in less than one hour using barcoded, prefilled trays with ready-to-use reagents.
Experience seamless data management using intuitive features, such as the link to a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The MagNA Pure 96 System is a high-throughput instrument for automated nucleic acid purification. Typical run duration is less than one hour for 96 standard volume samples. Applications are very flexible, due to a diversity of software purification protocols using barcoded, prefilled trays with ready-to-use reagents.

Magnetism is used for automated nucleic acid isolation performed by the MagNA Pure 96 System from Roche. The high throughput MagNA Pure 96 Instrument performs automated nucleic acid purification from samples up to 1,000 µL, pipetted into a 96-well processing cartridge.

Magnetic glass particles (MGPs) are used to isolate RNA, DNA and total nucleic acids (tNA) from a variety of different sample materials. The MagNA Pure 96 System permits automated nucleic acid purification that matches the high speed, accuracy and reliability of LightCycler® Real-Time PCR Systems.

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