Hamilton Microlab STARplus

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this Hamilton Microlab STARplus for sale. It’s located in a laboratory in Ohio. Please let us know if you have an interest or any questions.

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Hamilton Microlab STARplus

This Hamilton Microlab STARplus inlcudes:

12 channels with 1000 uL pipetting heads (P/N:173082)

Core 96 probehead II, 1000 uL (P/N:199090)

4 – 5-mL pipetting channels (P/N:184090)

Modular arm for 4 / 8 / 12 Ch. / MPH (P/N:173051)

Modular arm for 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 channels (P/N:173050)

STARplus Manual load, full cover [2160 x 903 x 795 mm -W x H x D] (P/N:173024)

STARplus modified left deck section (PN:190011)

Coregrip 1000 uL waste block (P/N:184089)

Microlab STARplus cabinet with casters (P/N:51950-01)


2   Base Carriers (PN: 188039/00)

4   5-Position Plate Carriers (PN: 188042/00 and 182365/02)

3   4-Position Tip Carriers (PN: 188160/00)

1   12-Position Tube Holder (PN: 182245/01)

4   24-Position Tube Holders (PN: 173400/02)

2   5-Position Heated Carriers

2   4-Position Heated Carriers

4   Enclosed 4-Position Heated Carriers

7   Interface Boxes

4   Temperature Controlled 12-Position Tube Carrier

2   Temperature Controlled 1-Position Trough Carrier
2   Tip Cutters (PN: 18222APE/80)

1   See-Saw Module and temperature-controlled trough carrier

2   Heater modules

1   Haake K35 Chiller with DC50 Regulator

1   Haake K20 Chiller with DC30 Regulator

1   Thermo K20 Chiller with DC30 Regulator

6-channel blister reservoirs, Cat. 235490 (360 pcs/box) – 25 boxes

24-well blister reservoirs, Cat. 235489 (360 pcs/box) – 22 boxes

Single-well blister reservoir, Cat. 235491 (360 pcs/box) – 38 boxes

1-mL CORE tips with filters (8 x 480) – 20 boxes

This Hamilton Microlab STARplus is being sold “as is, where is” unless otherwise noted. It is encouraged that you inspect this equipment if possible.

Typically any warranty, service contract or license for the equipment is not transferable but may be under certain circumstances and will be explicitly stated in the listing. The written description provided for this equipment is what is being offered for sale. The photos provided are given to display the overall condition of the equipment and all items found in the photos may not be included in the sale. Some photos may be stock photos to get an idea of what is being offered for sale.

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For more information on this Hamilton Microlab STARplus or other used laboratory equipment please contact us at sales@arcscientific.com or +1-857-237-5813.

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