ÄKTA Pure 25 M Protein Purification System

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this ÄKTA Pure 25 M Protein Purification System for sale. It’s located in a laboratory in Nebraska. Please let us know if you have an interest or any questions.

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ÄKTA Pure 25 M Protein Purification System

This ÄKTA Pure 25 M Protein Purification System includes the following components:

  1. AKTÄ Pure 25 M (core set up)
  2. Online UV-VIS absorbance monitor, U9-M
  3. Conductivity monitor, C9
  4. Inlet Valve Kit, V9-IAB
  5. Column Valve Kit, V9-C (5 columns)
  6. Outlet Valve Kit, V9-O (10 outlets)
  7. Fraction collector, F9-R
  8. Sample Pump S9
  9. Desktop tower with monitor and peripherals
  10. Unicorn Control Software

The core of the AKTÄ Pure 25 M system consist of:

  1. System pumps: Two high precision pumps, system pump A and B, that deliver buffers in purification runs.
  2. Pressure monitor, R9: Monitors the system pressure after System pump A and B.
  3. Mixer: Mixes buffers delivered from the system pumps to a homogenous buffer composition.
  4. Injection valve, V9-Inj: Directs sample into the column using various configurations.

Inlet valve, V9-IAB: Inlet valve with two inlet ports from stream A and two inlet ports for stream B.

Column Valve, V9-C: Connects to five columns to the instrument. The column valves direct the flow through one column at a time and feature integrated pre- and post-column pressure sensors. The valve allows the user to choose flow direction through the column or bypass the columns.

Absorbance monitor, U9-M: Measures the UV/ VIS absorbance at up to three wavelengths simultaneously in the range 190-700 nm.

Conductivity monitor C9: Measures the conductivity of buffers and eluted proteins.

Outlet valve, V9-O: Directs the flow to fraction collector, various waste streams (W, W1, W2), or any of the waste ports.

Fraction collector, F9-R: Round fraction collector that can automatically collect up to 175 fractions of 5 mL volume in 12 mm tubes.


  • Sorvall LYNX 6000 Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • LYNX F14-6X250Y pelleting rotor
  • LYNX T29-8X50 clarifying rotor
  • LYNX F23-48X1.5, analytical rotor
  • Adapter: 50mL TO 15mL conical
  • New tubes that fit in the rotor we will include for free

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