X-Rite Color-eye 7000a Spectrophotometer

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this X-Rite Color-eye 7000a Spectrophotometer for sale. It’s located in a laboratory in Indiana.

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The Color-Eye 7000A is a premium reference grade spectrophotometer known for its superior inter-instrument agreement and reliability. Used by leading color
suppliers worldwide, Color-Eye 7000A makes the ideal foundation for a color management system, especially for those who want to establish digital color
standards for their supply chains.

• Premium Reference Grade.

The premier reference instrument in the industry
features unsurpassed inter-instrument agreement, superior precision and
outstanding reproducibility over time. Precise, repeatable measurements allow
you to share data globally, making it the instrument of choice for dedicated color
analysis in the lab or in a manufacturing setting

• NetProfiler® Enabled.

An exclusive advance in color measurement that monitors
instrument performance and can optimize and certify, remotely via the internet,
without need for additional service, enabling the exchange of spectral color data
with confidence

• Automated SCI/SCE and Calibrated UV Control.

Automated SCI (specularcomponent included) and SCE (specular component excluded) controls simplify
measuring pure color or simulating how the human eye responds to surface effects
such as gloss or texture. A motorized UV control provides speed and convenience
for automatic UV D65 calibration and adjustment and UV included / excluded
measurements. This provides for accurate measurement of optically brightened or
fluorescent samples

• Reflectance and Transmittance.

Four area of view aperture sizes are available
for Reflection sample measurement to provide versatility in dealing with various
sample sizes. Accurately measure total or direct transmission of translucent and
transparent materials

• True Dual-Beam Design with Automatic Balancing Provides Greater

The Grating based dual-beam optical design has two spectral
analyzers which measure the sample and the internal reference simultaneously.
This design also employs an additional pulsed xenon light source which
automatically balances the two spectral analyzers compensating for temperature
changes and preventing electronic drift. This assures superior long term stability
and provides greater consistency

• Touch Screen Display Lets You Easily View and Change Instrument Status.

The unique touch screen display provides instrument status at a glance and also
allows you to easily you easily view and change the instrument configuration

Brochure from X-rite on X-Rite the Color-eye 7000a Spectrophotometer