Thermo Ultimate 3000 HPLC

Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 HPLC with PCM

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 HPLC system for sale. It’s been maintained by under a service contract and is currently installed in a lab. 


Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 HPLC with PCM

HPG-3400RS PUMP – 5040.0046

UltiMate 3000 HPG-3400RS High Pressure Mixing Biocompatible Gradient Pump. Supports high-speed and high-resolution applications as well as standard HPLC workflows, with a settable flow of 0.001 to 8.000 mL/min at pressures up to 1034 bar. Supports 2 x 2 eluents via an integrated solvent selection valve.                       


SRD-3400 SOLVENT RACK, 4 DEGASS. LINES – 5035.9245     

UltiMate 3000 SRD-3400 Solvent Rack with integrated analytical 4-channel vacuum degasser. Offers secure and functional positioning of the solvent reservoirs and for automatic degassing of typical HPLC solvents. Supports analytical flows up to 12 mL/min per channel.                         


TCC-3000RS COLUMN THERMOSTAT – 5730.0000       

UltiMate 3000 TCC-3000RS Rapid Separation Thermostatted Column Compartment. Offers a temperature range of 5 to 110 °C. Supports post-column cooling to reduce the temperature of the mobile phase before entering the detector. Can be field-upgraded with switching valves for advanced workflows.     


WPS-3000TBFC ANALYTICAL AUTOSAMPLER – 5825.0020         

UltiMate 3000 WPS-3000TBFC ANALYTICAL Thermostatted Biocompatible Autosampler Fraction Collector. Combines functionality of a

biocompatible analytical autosampler with a fraction collector. Second valve as diverter valve for injection, fractionation, and re-injection at micro and analytical flow rates. Offers reliable sample thermostatting from 4 to 45 °C. Supports injection volumes from 0.1 to 50 µL (fieldupgradable up to 250 µL; optional modification kit for nano/cap applications available for injection volumes from 0.02 to 1 µL) and 3 segments to hold racks/well plates.       


VWD-3400RS Detector, without cell – 5074.0010    

UltiMate 3000 VWD-3400RS Rapid Separation Variable Wavelength Detector.

Offers four channel variable or single wavelength detection from 190 to 900 nm with up to 200 Hz data collection rate. Features high trace level detection ability through low noise and drift. NOTE: Flow cell is not include                                                                                     


Pre-Column Heater, 2 µL, ID=0.12 mm/0.005 for TCC-3×00 Series, Biocompatible


2PS-6PT C72 VLV,1/16IN,0.25MM,SST,<90MPA – 6826.0011


PCM-3000 FOR VWD – 6082.2005

UltiMate 3000 PCM-3000 PH and Conductivity Monitor for VWD-3000 Offers pH monitoring from pH 0 to 14 and conductivity monitoring from µS/cm to 1 S/cm. It extends the UltiMate 3000 BioRS and Biocompatible Analytical LC systems.





CM7 Controller Opt.:Fraction Collection – 7200.0038                


Chromeleon 7 Bundle WSO Workstation Open – 7000.0067

Chromeleon 7 – WorkStation Open, IC


Mixer35UL,Ti/MP35N,RS Pumps – 6042.5000                                 


ADD ON PCM-3000 TO U3000 DETECTOR – 701-081501


PC,DELL,7040,INTEL CORE i7,W7-64,RoHS – 076137


MONITOR,DELL,U2414H,RoHS – 071664


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