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Thermo Fisher Gallery Discrete Analyzer

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Thermo Fisher Gallery Discrete Analyzer 

Thermo Fisher Gallery Discrete Analyzer is designed to increase efficiency for photometric (colorimetric and enzymatic) and electrochemical (pH and conductivity) analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Discrete Analyzer provides fast, reproducible results in a compact, benchtop design. Its discrete cell technology allows laboratories to measure multiple analytes Isimultaneously while reducing total analysis and operator time. All necessary analysis steps are automated and low detection levels can be achieved. The analyzer includes a combined sample and reagent disk for a maximum capacity of 90 samples and 30 reagents, with the ability to perform as many as 200 tests/hour. Achieve increased analytical performance in a wide range of applications including food and beverage analysis, environmental testing, and industrial quality control.

Automated operation and reliable technology

  • Continuous access to samples, reagents, and cuvettes without interruption of routine workflows.
  • Integrated platform for photometric and electrochemical analysis can be operated simultaneously.
  • All necessary analysis steps are automated, enabling up to 2 hours walk-away time for the operator.
  • Increased throughput with a sample capacity of up to 200 tests/hour.
  • Dilutions and repeat analyses are handled automatically.
  • Minimal sample pretreatment required.

Robust capability 

  • Large concentration range measurement, with excellent reproducibility.
  • User-specific applications can be developed to meet individual testing needs.
  • Combined sample and reagent disk with up to 90 sample positions on-board.
  • Several blanking possibilities to eliminate sample matrix effects.
  • Ability to achieve detection of very low levels (ppb).
  • Wavelength range from 340nm to 880nm.
  • Easy dilution management.

Compact design and economical

  • System reagents eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation, freeing operators for other tasks.
  • Unique low volume cuvette design for less reagent waste and potentially lower operating costs.
  • Open system – modify existing method or create your own test.
  • Contamination-free analysis using disposable cuvettes.
  • Optional ECM-unit for conductivity and pH.
  • No need for an external source of water.

Versatile and user-friendly 

  • Accommodates a variety of sample cups and primary tubes.
  • No risk of carry-over or requirement to wash glassware.
  • No additional priming or method changeover time.
  • Identification is automated by a barcode reader.
  • Save space: Self-contained benchtop for small footprint.
  • Automatic startup and shutdown protocols.
  • Intuitive graphic user interface.

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