Shimadzu SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit
Shimadzu SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit

Shimadzu SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this Shimadzu SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit for sale. 


Shimadzu SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit

Simplify TOC/TC/IC Measurements in Solid Samples

Ability to measure up to 1 g samples containing up to 30 mg carbon content reduces weighing errors, and errors due to uneven distribution of the sample carbon content.

Provides for measurement of the following sample types for TC (Total Carbon), IC (Inorganic Carbon), or TOC (Total organic carbon):

  • Soils
  • Sludges
  • Sediments
  • Samples containing high amount of suspended matter
  • Other solid samples
  • Residues for cleaning validation measurements (using swabs)

Used with the Shimadzu TOC-V or TOC-L systems, simply change onscreen settings to switch between aqueous sample measurement with the TOC-V/TOC-L instrument, and solid sample measurement using the SSM-5000A.  No plumbing changes.

 (Note:  the SSM-5000A cannot measure samples containing sea water, or sea bottom sediment containing high salt concentrations.)

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