Shimadzu DSC-60

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this Shimadzu DSC-60 for sale. It’s currently in a lab located in Indiana. Please let us know if you have any interest or questions. 


Shimadzu DSC-60

The Shimadzu DSC-60 measures the rate and degree of heat change of materials as a function of temperature against a reference material and then reports the transition temperatures and enthalpies.

The Shimadzu DSC-60 Series Differential Scanning Calorimeter provides substantially higher sensitivity with excellent resolution and signal-to-noise ratios. A built-in liquid nitrogen bath enables low temperature measurements without any accessories. Detector cleaning is fast, easy, and accomplished automatically by using a built-in cleaning program. Windows-based operating software enables customized operation and reporting as well as easy communication through the Internet and Intranet.

Includes Sample Pan Crimper Press

Serial number of DSC: is C304548010325A

Serial number of Thermal analyzer is C30544801601TK

Manufactured in 2010-2011


Temperature Range: -150 to 600 °C
DSC Type: Heat Flux DSC
Power Requirements: 100/120 VAC
Peak Power: 800 VA
Principle: Heat Flux Type
Heat Flow Range: ± 40µW
Hold Time: 0 – 999 min, hour
Noise level: 1µW
Size (mm): 300Wx 490Dx 290H
Temperature Range: -150 to 600° C
Program Rate: 0 – 99°K/min, °K/hour
Cooling Time: about 6 min from 600°C to 40°C with LN2
Atmosphere: Inert gas or air

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