PerkinElmer Pyris 1 DSC

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this PerkinElmer Pyris 1 DSC for sale. The system includes the Intracooler Cooling Accessory. It’s coming out of laboratory in Dallas, Texas. Please let us know if you have any interest or questions. 



PerkinElmer Pyris 1 DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) 

  • Includes the Intracooler Cooling Accessory

The PerkinElmer Pyris 1 DSC features the fastest controlled heating and cooling rates and the fastest equilibration for isothermal analysis with calibration constancy.

Excelling at the most difficult DSC analyses, the Pyris 1 DSC measures the amount of energy absorbed or released by a sample as it is heated, cooled, or held at a constant temperature.  

PerkinElmer Pyris 1 DSC Specifications:

 – Electrical: 115V, 50/60Hz
– Temperature Range: -170ºC to 730ºC
– Temperature Precision: ±0.1°C
– Est. Weight: 28 kg
– Est. Dimensions (W x D x H): 40 x 63 x 51 cm

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