PerkinElmer Optima 7000 DV ICP-OES

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PerkinElmer Optima 7000 DV ICP-OES

The PerkinElmer Optima 7000 DV ICP-OES brings advanced technology to laboratories requiring flexibility and excellent analytical performance for varied and moderate sample loads. Totally eliminating peak search algorithms, the UV sensitive, backside illuminated CCD array detector allows you to collect a complete analyte spectrum at speeds that far exceed competitive systems. Automatic dual viewing ensures the lowest detection limits and the widest working ranges. The PerkinElmer Optima 7000 DV ICP-OES is the ideal solution for research and quality assurance laboratories that have a wide variety of samples and lower frequency of analysis.
ICP Detection MethodOptical Emission
Additional SpecificationsThe Optima’s proven 32-bit Windows software, WinLab32 featuring:

Detection limit run on demand automatically as QC or diagnostic tool.
Detailed calibration summary.
Sample limit checks allow flagging of unknowns when outside user-defined concentration limits.
Method of Standard Additions available for difficult samples and complex matrices.
Append method to run during an analysis to improve workflow efficiency.
Over Calibration Message available to flag concentrations exceeding highest standard by user-defined %.
QC Charting option available to allow time-charting of QC samples, calibration standards or recurring samples.


Installation, service, and warranty is available for this system. 

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