OI Analytical DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer
OI Analytical DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer
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OI Analytical DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer

Arc Scientific is offer a OI Analytical DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer which is coming out of a working lab. The DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer is a versatile, random access, colorimetric, automated chemistry analyzer. The DA 3500 performs the same wet chemistry methods as manual, or SFA/FIA analysis techniques. The OI Analytical DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer comes complete with computer and software. 


OI Analytical’s DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer

OI Analytical’s DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer is a versatile automated
chemistry analyzer for measuring ions in aqueous samples. Using only
microliter amounts of sample and reagent, the DA 3500 efficiently
performs the same colorimetric reaction chemistries and methods as
manual or SFA/FIA techniques for regulatory compliance.

Performing reaction chemistry and analysis in a cuvette at microliter
volumes has several advantages. Rapid analysis times are achieved and
sample throughput increased. A significant reduction in reagent
consumption and chemical waste generated lowers the cost per analysis
and overall laboratory operating cost.

Efficiency is defined as producing the desired result, with a minimum of
effort, expense, or waste. The DA 3500 Discrete Analyzer meets all these
criteria for unsurpassed efficiency in ion analysis.

The DA 3500 contains key technologies for
microscale chemistry and analysis that exceed
the performance and capabilities of other
discrete analysis systems.

Advanced Fluidic System

Accurate volumetric delivery of samples and
reagents over a wide range of reaction mixture
volumes is a key factor affecting the sensitivity
of a discrete analyzer. For this reason, the
DA 3500 contains an advanced fluidic system
with a dual displacement range pump capable
of preparing larger reaction mixtures, with
higher sample to reagent ratios than any other
discrete analyzer.

Optical Cuvette

The DA 3500 employs a disposable cuvette for
reaction chemistry and analysis. This approach
eliminates cross-contamination and
measurement problems associated with
repeated washing and re-use of cuvettes, or
flushing the fluid path of a flowcell.
High Performance

Diode Array Spectrophotometer

The DA 3500 has a built-in high performance
diode array spectrophotometer capable of
simultaneously measuring 27 wavelengths
from 420–880 nm. This detector supports a
wider range of colorimetric analysis and
provides greater analytical versatility than
other analyzers employing filter wheels with
only 8 to 10 fixed wavelengths.

  • Includes the PC with software loaded
  • Includes original manuals

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