AB Sciex X500R QTOF System 3
AB Sciex X500R QTOF LC-MS/MS System
AB Sciex X500R QTOF System 3

AB Sciex X500R QTOF System

Arc Scientific is proud to offer this AB Sciex X500R QTOF System for sale. It’s located in a laboratory in Ohio. Please let us know if you have any interest or questions.

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AB Sciex X500R QTOF System

The AB Sciex X500R QTOF  System is the first high resolution LC-MS/MS system designed for routine testing to deliver exceptionally reliable results. Made for high throughput food, environment, and forensic testing labs, the X500R QTOF system was designed for performance so you can simplify screening and quantitation of unknowns in complex samples. But, it is more than just a mass spec. The X500R workflow ensures a seamless implementation for your lab.

Stability through long runs Six heater drones throughout the TOF path ensure that the system maintains mass accuracy even through longer runs.
Superior instrument uptime Quick and easy QJet access enables fast and efficient maintenance, so your instrument is up and running virtually all the time.
Robust ionization in complex samples Renowned ionization performance from the Turbo V™ source is now delivered with a high-resolution accurate mass analyzer.
Never compromise on performance The N-optic design with 4mm orifice leading into the TOF accelerator tube delivers resolution without compromising sensitivity.
Requires very little precious lab space Occupies less lab space than any other HRMS on the market today (110x57x112cm).
Mass Range TOF Up to 40 kDa. Precursor ion selection: 5-2250 m/z.
Mass Accuracy Over Time, External Less than 2 ppm RMS over 12 hours of LC-MS
Ionization Sources Turbo V ion source with Twin Sprayer ESI Probe and Twin Sprayer APCI Probe
TOF-MS Resolution and Speed ≥ 42,000 (FWHM) measured on the (M+6H)6+ charge isotope cluster for bovine insulin at m/z 956

Information provided by: https://sciex.com/products/mass-spectrometers/qtof-systems/x-series-qtof-systems/x500r-qtof-system

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