Used Gas Chromatography Equipment

Arc Scientific has a wide variety of refurbished and used gas chromatography equipment (GC) available for sale. We have used gas chromatography systems from well-known OEMs including; Agilent, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, SRI Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, OI Analytical, HP, & Varian.

When looking at used gas chromatography equipment (GC) you should consider the various options and features of the system you require. For instance, there are various detectors which may be offered including; thermal conductivity, flame ionization, pulsed discharge, nitrogen phosphorus, and electron capture detectors. You may also require an autosampler and many Used Gas Chromatographs are coupled with mass spectrometers for additional capabilities.

Please be aware that our inventory is always changing so if you don’t find the instrument that you’re looking for just let us know! Contact us

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