Used Dissolution Systems

Arc Scientific has a wide selection of refurbished and used dissolution systems. We offer systems from well-known OEMs including; Agilent, Varian, Distek, Sotax, Vankel, and Logan. There are several features which you will want to consider for your system such as the amount vessels and their volume. Typical systems have (6) vessels and (6) stirrers.

Dissolution systems are used for testing the rate of release of a drug substance from the dosage form. In conducting a dissolution test a solid substance enters into a solvent to form a solution. These systems are commonly used in solid dose applications whereby a tablet or capsule is dissolved in the solution.

There are varying levels of automation available. As per USP the various types of dissolution systems include; paddle type, basket type, reciprocating cylinder, flow through cell, paddle over disk, rotating cylinder, and reciprocating disk.

Please be aware that our inventory is always changing so if you don’t find the used dissolution system that you’re looking for just let us know! Contact us

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