Used Centrifuges

Arc Scientific offers a wide-range of used centrifuges. There are various styles of centrifuges available with the main options being benchtop (tabletop) and floor mounted systems. There are rotary centrifuges, bucket centrifuges, and ultracentrifuges available for example.

All of these varying types of centrifuges can have different speeds, capacities, and temperature controls. Ultracentrifuges are typically under a vacuum which removes air resistance and gives closer temperature control. Levels of complexity in the systems vary greatly.

We offer centrifuges from such OEMs as; Sorvall, Beckman Coulter, Thermo Fisher, Eppendorf, Hettich, Unico, Ohaus, etc.

Please get into contact with us today if you are interest in used centrifuges for your next project.

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